Poppippo, Hard Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Finally perfected Poppippo on Hard after a dozen of tries!

This song is fast and I had to keep tapping the buttons rapidly that my right hand almost gave up. This song has two distinct sets of notes. The first set is a long string of same buttons but with the last button being a different button; so if you tap the same button too few or too much before switching to the different button, you’re pretty much done. The second set has you tap the button even faster; this can put a strain on you or throw your timing off.

The first set was the one that kept getting me. I tried several methods to overcome the problem, like trying to count the buttons; that didn’t work. The method that did work for me was to focus on the motion of the buttons rather than their destinations, and listen to the song carefully.

So far, this is the hardest Hard song I played and the one that took me most tries; I try not to imagine how the Extreme version would be. I think even the motion actress should be catching her breath while recording for this song, performing such an energetic dance.

Next songs: When First Love Ends and Miracle Paint (I recounted Miracle Paint being one of the hard songs in the first Project Diva, uh-oh..)


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