Sakura no Ame, Normal Perfect

Project Diva

With all these Project Diva 2nd sessions I have been playing, I decided to check the state where I left off my first Project Diva.

It turned out that I was left with 3 normal songs to perfect, and quite a number of hard songs. Anyway, those 3 normal songs are the 2 hardest songs in the game, plus Sakura no Ame.

So I attempted and perfected Sakura no Ame on Normal. Took me 3 tries; not too shabby personally, considering I have been spoiled by the help items in Project Diva 2nd. This song has a lot of quirky sets of notes, which make for a rather fun experience.

I think the reason I couldn’t perfect this last time was because I always panicked and broke the combo on the last fast stream of notes. As I would prefer to believe, I have improved since then :p


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