magnet, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected magnet on Extreme today!

It took me dozens of tries, but not as many as the previous song Romeo and Cinderella. The good thing is that I listen to this song almost every day, so I know roughly how the tunes go; they certainly helped me here. On my last try, I used.. guess what, 4 help item chances. Not again.

Anyway, the song likes to trick you that it is slower than its actual speed. I tap as fast as I can for the fast stream of notes, and even then I can only barely keep up with the timing. Then there are those combinations of notes that get altered once you get used to them.

This song is regarded by some players to be one of the hardest Extreme songs in the game, so I’m glad I actually managed to perfect it :) That being said, I may not have the same luck when I try to perfect the other Extreme songs that I don’t really listen to.


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