Romeo and Cinderella, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Romeo and Cinderella on Extreme!

So I decided to find out what playing an Extreme song in Project Diva 2nd feels like. In the end, it took me dozens of tries to perfect this song, even if it is one of my favorite songs that I listen to almost everyday. I could actually perfect it earlier, but I screwed up on the very last note of the song, which is part of a set of three double-tap notes. Even the help item couldn’t save me there. Anyway, by the time I was familiar with the the tricky parts of the song, My thumb and I had become tired that I kept making random mistakes in random places. I guess Extreme is partly a matter of endurance…

Although Extreme has been difficult, the feeling is pretty satisfying. Sometimes I feel as if I’m singing with my thumb.


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