Inochi no Uta, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Inochi no Uta on Extreme.

It took me 4 tries. The main problem I had with this song is that there are not-so-fast notes disguising themselves as fast notes, since both are similarly close-packed. I had to trust on my ears to overcome this visual trickery.

Inochi no Uta is one of the songs where the Chance Time happens at the very end, and during that moment, you can’t see the number of help item chances you’ve used. When the song ended, sure enough, I discovered I spent 4 help item chances.. again.

It is also one of the few 6-star Extreme songs (the easiest ones), and I only have 2 other 6-star Extreme songs left.. The difficulty is gonna ramp up soon..


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