Sound, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Sound on Extreme.

This song is hard alright, hard because of a certain kind of notes: a pair of notes of different buttons. The problem is determining which button to press first. In theory, since the notes move in curves, the one on the inner side of the curve always comes first. However, the notes move quickly that I can’t really think about that while playing. The worst part occurs in the middle of the song, where we have the double-tap version of this quirky pair. There is also another kind of trap, but I can tell when this one is coming by listening to the melodies of the song.

Took me quite a number of tries. Can’t remember how many help item chances I used. Not many, I think. The song is quite straightforward without the above traps, and the traps just either break your combo, or they don’t.

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