Disappearance Of Miku, Normal Perfect

Project Diva

I decided to be sadistic to myself and went back to the first Project Diva, where there was yet no helper item system and such to save my back.

In Project Diva, I was left with 2 Normal songs and quite a number of Hard songs (there are no Extreme songs in Project Diva). Anyway, the 2 remaining Normal songs and their Hard counterparts are arguably the hardest songs in the entire game. The first song is so-called “Christmas Song” because the Japanese name is too long and it’s really about Christmas. The second song is called Disappearance Of Miku, or more affectionately by fans as Shoushitsu.

First I tried to perfect the Christmas song. After what felt like 100 tries, I gave up. I knew I had to when my thumb started giving up on me and made me miss simple parts of the song. I always screwed up my combo in the middle part, where the timing deviated a lot, and also the very last part, where I had to tap very fast for quite a time period. For some reason, it broke somewhere in the middle of the string of notes, and the graphics were too busy with wave effects to make sense of what happened.

So I switched to Disappearance Of Miku. This song’s notes move SUPER FAST that I couldn’t really rely on the visuals. Luckily enough, the tunes of the song caught on me, even though I don’t have it in my MP3 player. As usual, there is one hard part in the middle of the song that often broke my combo. On my last try, by some luck I survived that part, and I grew very anxious as I finished up the rest of the song; usually the chance of me not screwing up the last part is 50-50.

Fortunately, I made it! I managed to perfect Disappearance Of Miku! (well, on Normal.. the Hard version is really inhuman for my caliber)

Since this is a more difficult song, I think it’s expected of me to provide a screenshot of the results screen, so here it is:

Project Diva

Christmas Song, I shall be back another day!

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