Yellow, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

So I tried my hands on one of the 7-star Extreme songs today. That song was Clover Club. I tried to perfect it, but it was too difficult, so in the end I chose to skip it. It would have been doable without the super-fast notes part, but I just couldn’t get the beats on that part.

So I perfected another 7-star Extreme song called Yellow. This is a fun song, and the difficulty mainly comes from the alternating buttons. Took me just a few tries, and I used… 4 help item chances. I’ve lost track how many times I ended with this count. Sigh.

Anyway, Yellow is one of the songs I have in my MP3 player. It seems to me I can do better on songs that I have been listening to. Maybe I should put Clover Club in my MP3 player as well? :p


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