Miracle Paint, Hard Perfect

Project Diva

Perfected Miracle Paint on Hard.

There is a previous post with the same name; that one is for Project Diva 2nd. Apparently this song appears in both games.

It took me several tries, but not a lot. Once I found out that we were supposed to follow Miku’s voice and not really the song’s beats, there was nothing too difficult about the song besides the part where I had to press a pair of pairs of super-fast notes.. and I managed to pull it off in one of the tries.

So I’m done with this song on Project Diva. I still have one unfinished business with this song on Project Diva 2nd though – the Extreme version. I wonder if it becomes a much harder song…

In any case, that’s it for the day! I shall get some sleep…


4 thoughts on “Miracle Paint, Hard Perfect

  1. LittleV

    Well … Extreme is a bit harder … xD Begin and end with mostly superfast notes, but since you can use both hands, should be that hard. Even if it’s a 7 Star song, it’s a bit tough :3 But the main part is nearly like PJD1 Miracle Paint in Hard ^^

    Try your best in FC it x)

    1. Helu

      Haha, here’s a small problem: I’ve never used both hands on PD2. Last I tried using both hands it kind of confused me and messed up my timing. But anyway, thanks for the tip and encouragement! :)

  2. LittleV

    “shouldn’t be that hard” (sorry xD” forgot the “not” in my sentence)

    Well, both hands should you use only for fast notes or/and a BPM of 240+ (Syoushitsu in Extreme XD still possible to play with one hand, but in a painful way o_o arrows still both hands needed)
    Constant using both hands is hard for me xD Decrease my accuarcy very much >.<

    After repeating the same song many times without break, you might perfect miracle paint about an hour ^^ (maybe also faster)

    1. Helu

      Got it, I’ll keep that in mind when attempting these hard songs, thanks :)
      Same here, I think using both hands constantly will only confuse me more :p
      1 hour?!? But yeah, I guess that’s how long it took me to perfect some of the songs..


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