Disappearance Of Miku and Christmas Song Skirmish Results

Project Diva

Project Diva

Okay, so I sampled Disappearance Of Miku and Christmas Song on Hard, and I have to say, it was not pretty..

Most parts of the songs are actually not difficult and they differ only slightly from their Normal counterparts. But the game developers do make certain parts much harder; for Disappearance Of Miku it’s obviously the button-mashing part at the end, whereas for Christmas Song it’s the instrumental part in the middle.

Disappearance Of Miku seems doable once I get the hang of the button-mashing; I just have to rest before attempting the song and then give it everything I’ve got. Christmas song, on the other hand, seems trickier. I can’t yet figure out the beats of the instrumental part, especially its second half.

It’s safe to say I would not be able to perfect these two songs anytime soon. I should retreat for now and be back another day.. if anyone has any tips, they would be much appreciated, thanks :)


4 thoughts on “Disappearance Of Miku and Christmas Song Skirmish Results

      1. LittleV

        well … I’ll forget the patterns next week again XDDDD
        Still aiming for recording Syoushitsu ^^ I train it btw with pjd2 extreme o.o” I nearly can perfect it with one hand XD (execpt arrows, still both hands needed, but everything else with one hand)

      2. Helu

        Haha, yeah I guess it’s hard to remember the notes
        And I didn’t know that the extra Syoushitsu in PD2 would be similar to PD1… I thought they completely revamped the notes :p

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