Fukigen Warutsu, Hard Perfect

Project Diva

Finally perfected Fukigen Warutsu on Hard after quite a number of tries.

This song has fast-moving notes, and then there are super-fast notes and ultra-fast notes. The part that gave me most trouble is the very last part of Chance Time where there are these ultra-fast notes to press in burst-patterns.

This time, I didn’t immediately retry the song when I broke the combo because apparently I still had one collection item left to unlock, and this item could only be obtained with low probability by earning Great for songs. In the end, I still didn’t get the item. In fact, as far as I remember, the damn item just won’t unlock.

I also went to figure out the Hard songs I haven’t beaten. They are:

  • Marginal (5-star)
  • Dreaming Leaf (5-star)
  • Hato (4-star)
  • Miku Miku Garden (5-star)
  • Inochi no Uta (5-star)
  • Inochi no Uta (Len ver.) (5-star)
  • Inochi no Uta (Rin ver.) (5-star)
  • Love List in Update? (4-star)
  • Sakura no Ame (5-star)
  • Ievan Polkka (4-star)
  • Disappearance Of Miku (7-star)
  • Christmas Song (6-star)

12 more songs. Great.


6 thoughts on “Fukigen Warutsu, Hard Perfect

  1. LittleV

    This song is so epic XDDDD It’s currently the hardest song in my eyes on Extreme in Arcade Machine XDDD omfg you need to watch the difference between pjd1 hard and pjd arcade on extreme! It’s much harder than Shoushitsu! ^^

    1. Helu

      much harder than shoushitsu??? 0.o
      yeah I kind of remember this song… it has lots of fast notes… -.-“”
      I think I count myself lucky to be able to perfect it on Hard…
      I tried searching for arcade extreme version on youtube… couldn’t find it though…
      do you have the link? thanks ^^;

    2. Helu

      that’s some crazy play! 0.o
      To press that fast I guess the player has to use both hands to tap the big button?? O_o
      And I see that Project Diva Arcade has some unique gameplay… man, now I really want the arcade machine to be available here… -.-

      1. LittleVx3

        yup, both hand on 1 button. but even that is much harder than shoushitsu >_<

        Well the arcade machine needs 100Yen per play … so it's not really cheap, depends how often you play … (like over 300x cleared gekishou = 100*300 = 30.000 Yen XDDDD)

      2. Helu

        Haha, I’m not going to clear gekishou 300 times… ^^;
        I just wish I can try the arcade machine once…
        Maybe when I go to Japan sometime in future… :)
        I imagine the feeling of tapping this big button with both hands for the fast streams of notes… it’s gotta be real fun XD

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