Ievan Polkka, Hard Perfect

Project Diva

Perfected Ievan Polkka on Hard.

It took me several tries. Just have to listen to the voice very well, and fortunately for me, the song stuck on me even if I last played it a year ago.

Great, I’m now left with Christmas Song and Disappearance Of Miku only.


4 thoughts on “Ievan Polkka, Hard Perfect

  1. LittleV

    Pretty bad, that Ievan Polkka is not a normal song in PJD2nd :(
    But still Extreme exist on the Arcade Machine ^^ It has many streams!
    Well … I like this song very much XD

    Congrat. anyways :D

    1. Helu

      There is Project Diva Arcade in your place? Man I’m so jealous.. :p
      Thanks, it’s really an interesting song to play.

  2. LittleV

    uhm, no, but i watched videos of it xD
    I don’t live in Japan ^^”
    Arcade Machines are only in Japan and later in Hong Kong


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