Inochi no Uta, Hard Perfect x 3

Project Diva

Project Diva

Project Diva

Perfected all versions of Inochi no Uta on Hard.

This song has 3 versions, sung respectively by Miku, Len and Rin. The notes don’t change, so there are no differences in terms of gameplay. Personally, I prefer Rin version because I think her voice suits the song most.

My initial problem with this song is that there are closely-packed notes that look like super-fast and ultra-fast notes. They turn out to be not-so-fast notes and fast notes. Once again, it’s better to trust on the music than the visuals. After realizing that, it took me two tries to perfect each version.

So I have 5 Hard songs left, they are:

  • Love List In Update?
  • Sakura no Ame
  • Ievan Polkka
  • Christmas Song
  • Disappearance Of Miku

Seems I’ve played a lot today. Time to take a break.


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