Miku Miku Garden, Hard Perfect

Project Diva

Perfected Miku Miku Garden on Hard.

This is the kind of songs that I would do fine in Project Diva 2nd with helper item feature. The notes are slow-moving, which actually mean I have to press more accurately to keep the combo going. I would fail the combo randomly in random parts of the song, so this took me quite a few tries.

But here’s the good part! I actually unlocked Original Poster 15, one of my last two items to unlock, on my first try of Miku Miku Garden! As it turns out, this last poster is the packaging cover art of the game itself:

Project Diva

Project Diva

One item down, one last item to go! Which is Mega Drive. I believe it’s one of Sega’s older systems, and I forget what it looks like. I don’t intend to Google it though, let Project Diva be the one to refresh me on it :)


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