Sakura no Ame, Hard Perfect

Project Diva

I unlocked the Mega Drive!

Ehm, anyway.. perfected Sakura no Ame on Hard.

I remember perfecting this song on Normal and I think the notes don’t change that much; only instead of just X and O buttons, the square and triangle buttons are also used. It took me several tries; the problem was just getting the last fast stream of notes correct.

And here’s how the Mega Drive looks like:

Project Diva

With this, I’ve unlocked all items! Now I can retry songs whenever I want if I break my combo.

3 Hard songs left, and all the crazy ones.. what now?


2 thoughts on “Sakura no Ame, Hard Perfect

  1. LittleV

    This is the only song, which is NOT inclueded in Project DIVA: Dreamy Theater, PJD2nd or even on the Arcade Machine. Only in PJD1~
    It’s really bad, because I like this song :( But maybe it’s because of the Copyrights.

    The streams are quite funny XD

    1. Helu

      Yeah, when I played PD2 I was expecting Sakura no Ame to be unlocked as I progressed… too bad that wasn’t the case :( I like this song too because it is really a nice song and also the interesting notes in the game


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