Disappearance Of Miku, Hard Perfect Attempt 1

Project Diva

I tried to perfect Disappearance Of Miku on Hard, and failed.

I deduced that it’s impossible for me to perfect this song by using thumb, because I have tried tapping my thumb as fast as I could, and I still couldn’t keep up with the button-mashing part. I don’t think it’s because I tapped too fast.. yeah, certainly not..

Instead, I tried using my index finger and it seemed it could give me a better chance in perfecting this song. Not only I found tapping with my index finger faster,  I was surprised that it also gave me better timing than my thumb.. 0_o the problem is that my index finger is still not used in switching between different buttons to press. Maybe I can fix that with practice..

I’m fine with the first part and quite surprisingly the last part (the Chance Time) of the song, it’s the middle part that is really killing me. I shall take a break for now and return another time…


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