Arabesk, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Arabesk on Extreme.

I think some songs have this ‘hypnotism effect’ that would make me lose focus and screw up in the middle, and this is one of those songs. There are also super-fast notes that end with long notes, but nothing a help item can’t handle. In the end, it took me several tries to perfect this song and I used 5 help item chances on my last try.

Also, I saw Luka playing with an ‘air’ guitar in her room, so I thought why not I give her an electric guitar as present. So I gave her one, which is actually my first time giving present to anybody in Project Diva 2nd, but I received no feedback at all. Strange and rather disappointing.

I also checked out the character moods. Everyone is Happy except Len, who is Good. Last I checked everyone was Happy. Len, what have I ever done to you? O_o


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