Honto ha Wakatteru, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Honto ha Wakatteru on Extreme.

I feel lucky that it took me only two tries to perfect this song; there were various parts in the song where I could easily screw up. Fortunately, the notes don’t move very fast so there was always time to react. On my second try I used.. 4 help item chances (not again!)

When I went to the Diva Room, Luka was writing a song again, so this particular event didn’t turn out to be very special, after all.


2 thoughts on “Honto ha Wakatteru, Extreme Perfect

  1. LittleV

    well… somehow this is one song, that i don’t like to play XDDD
    The song is really nice… but the BPM of this song is so awful … it’s correct, no matter, but I just fail many times to Perfect it since i only perfected it 2 times o_O Even if I’m training, still get some random safe -_-

    Well :/ … btw. congrat. ^^ Try to Perfect some songs, which u haven’t listed before :o

    1. Helu

      Yeah, without the help item, I imagine this song would be very difficult for me to perfect. When I perfected the Normal version, I had no idea about the help item, and I also kept getting random safes for pressing the notes too early.

      Thanks, and yep, I’m working toward perfecting one Extreme song per day. I seem to be soon running out of Extreme songs that I can perfect, though :p


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