Finder, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected another 7-star Extreme song, Finder.

On my first try, I was wondering if the song was a bit too easy, until it dropped the ‘sinkhole notes’ on me – which appeared on Sakura no Ame song in the first Project Diva. There is also another tricky set of notes, which is a fast stream of alternating double-tap notes. Fortunately this set has a nice pattern (right-left-right-left-up-down-up-down) so I never messed up again.

On my last try, I used 3 help item chances, all for the sinkhole notes. Unlike Sakura no Ame, the notes move slower, and I couldn’t really tell the beats, even though the rest are very recognizable, letting me to solely focus on what buttons to press. I should say I really enjoy this song :)

Project Diva 2nd

Time to take a break! Sweet dreams.. :)


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