Marginal, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Marginal on Extreme.

This is an 8-star Extreme song, since the remaining 7-star Extreme songs are apparently too difficult for me. Since this song appeared in the first Project Diva and I perfected it there, I imagined I would have a better chance with it, even if it’s an 8-star.

This song is fast that occasionally the notes slip by my thumb. The good news is that I don’t have to worry about pressing button too early; I’ve never had such case while playing this song, so I can just focus on pressing the right button.

Now this song has 2 tricky parts. The first is a few sequences of fast three notes, with the last note being a double-tap note. Fortunately there are only two different combinations: triangle-triangle-double-square and x-x-double-circle, so once I kept that in mind, it wasn’t much of a trouble.

The second is sequences of fast two notes, where the first note is a double-tap note and the second note is a normal note. I had trouble with this one until I realized that I can actually double-tap twice, and the game will treat it as correct. After knowing this, it wasn’t much of a trouble either.

On my last try, I used 2 help item chances, all because I pressed certain notes too late.

I wonder which Extreme songs I can perfect next.. I tried Just Be Friends, it was quite manageable, until it dropped some freaky circle and square combination notes on me. I never managed to figure out the nature of that combination, but I guess I shall withdraw and take a break for now…


4 thoughts on “Marginal, Extreme Perfect

  1. LittleV

    Marginal is quite fast XD Still was very difficult, when i played it the first time on extreme :O Cause it’s completely different, since the bpm is now in the full speed than before~
    Needed about 25 minutes to perfect it…
    Nowadays, I my best run is about 490.000 score ^^
    congrats for the perfect ;D

    1. Helu

      Thanks! So I tried the song again, this time without using help item, and this is what I get after several attempts:

      Project Diva 2nd

      And I still lose to you. Man you are awesome! :)

      1. LittleV

        naah, I only played too much @.@
        You’ll be denefintely also very good :D Just needs time ^^
        After all, i still has some problems with acc. on some songs (especially slow songs! o.o)

      2. Helu

        Thanks! Yeah, for me I think slow songs are actually harder than fast songs because I can make the mistakes of pressing button too early, which generally do not occur for fast songs.. :p

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