Change me, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

What better way to start using Meiko than to finally perfect her song Change me on Extreme? :D

Honestly I’ve been trying to perfect this song for a while now. It’s a nice song, but for some reason I can’t stand listening to it for so many times. The song is actually quite easy, except that there is one part that I’m having constant trouble with – sequences of ultra-fast notes that end with hold notes.

For some reason, my combo would break, and I had no clear idea on what caused it… did I press too slow? Did I press too much? Did I release too early? In any case, I finally managed to survive this part, but not without spending at least 2 help item chances on my last try.

So another Extreme song down, but now I’m not sure which Extreme song to perfect next… :(


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