Cleared Some Extreme Songs

Project Diva 2nd

Okay, so I cleared some Extreme songs – no, I didn’t perfect them – only cleared them:

  • Migikata no Chou
  • Miracle Paint
  • Promise
  • Hato
  • Saihate
  • Kocchi Muite Baby

These were the Extreme songs that I hadn’t both perfected and cleared; some because I failed, and some because I quit in the middle since I made too many mistakes…

So the only two Extreme songs that I haven’t cleared now are Poppippo and Gekishou. Both are very tricky, especially Gekishou (I have never seen notes move so fast… O.o) I could clear Poppippo, but I would get below Standard, and that’s not considered cleared. Obviously some of the Extreme songs are pushing me to utilize both hands, but I’ve never really done that before…

Things are not looking too good to me; I have doubts about being able to perfect some of the Extreme songs… and that’s not even including Gekishou :(

p.s. I got the achievement for playing Luka 100 times, so I shall use Meiko from now on :)


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