Double Lariat, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Double Lariat on Extreme.

This is actually a nice song to play. It has long streams of fast notes that go like this: xxxxxx-oooo-xxxxxx. Since the stream is continuous and I can’t stop without breaking the combo, I need to know when to switch to the next button; if I were to press the same button less or more, that would be the end of everything. Fortunately, it’s rather simple; I just stare at the first different button.

Unfortunately, this song also has these medium streams of ultra-fast notes, which I never figure out the exact speed, since this song is supposedly slow and they don’t kinda fit. My help item chance usage is mainly because of these notes.

In any case, perfecting this song took me several tries, and on my last try I used 8 help item chances (!) Yeah, I notice that I’ve been getting reliant of them; I even unlocked an achievement for using help items 100 times… O.o (what an achievement…)


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