Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, Normal Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

When I wrote the first entry of this diary, I was resuming the progress of perfecting all the Hard songs in Project Diva 2nd, which actually stopped from a few months ago. I hadn’t actually perfected all the Normal songs, there was one Normal song left, and that was Hatsune Miku no Gekishou.

Gekishou is the last and possibly the craziest song of Project Diva 2nd, crazy because we have to tap the button very fast in order to keep up with the notes. I learned recently from a similar crazy song in the first Project Diva that it may be better, in this situation, to use index finger rather than thumb. So even though Project Diva 2nd actually provides a way to tap faster by making the D-pads as the second triangle-square-x-o buttons, I decided to use the index finger method to perfect this song.

And I gotta laugh with what I experienced. It took me only two tries! (I used thumb on first try) On my second and last try, before I reached the last ultra-long ultra-fast notes, my help item chance count was still 10, meaning I didn’t use any to reach here. This count was then hidden by the game because it was now Chance Time. When I was going through the ultra-fast notes, I couldn’t help but feel that I made a lot of mistakes, but nevertheless I continued to tap my index finger as fast as I can. When the game exited the Chance Time and re-displayed my help item chance count, there was… nothing. It took me a few seconds to register that OMG I actually used all and exactly 1o help item chances to survive those notes! O.o

In any case.. that’s another song perfected. So I’ve managed to perfect all Normal songs in Project Diva 2nd and get the achievement, though I couldn’t help but feel bizarre about it…


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