Voice -Diva Mix-, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Finally perfected Voice -Diva Mix- on Extreme.

This song would have been very easy to perfect if there wasn’t the instrumental part in the middle with all those crazy streams of notes. I finally managed to survive this part after dozens of retries, spending 8 help item chances on my last try for this part alone and only.

Fortunately, it’s a nice song to listen to (I have it in my MP3 player) that I don’t really mind trying over and over. But seriously, without the help item, I don’t think that I could ever perfect this song.

These are my last 7-star Extreme songs to perfect:

  • Clover Club
  • Miracle Paint
  • Hato

Though I think some of them are actually harder than some of the 8-star Extreme songs..


4 thoughts on “Voice -Diva Mix-, Extreme Perfect

  1. LittleVx3

    Well… many Songs which are 8 Stars are mostly only fast songs XDDD 7 Star songs is tricky :o
    VOiCE itself is a way to easy (if there wouldn’t be the instrumental part.) Without the instrumental part, it would be at least a 6 Star song XD
    The song is in 4/4 Beat. The instrumental part has 6/4 and 8/4 Beats! ^^

    1. Helu

      Agreed, Voice is very easy without the instrumental part X(
      And I still never managed to perfect Clover Club and Hato… (I managed to get past Clover Club’s instrumental once but screwed up later)
      I wonder how did you tackle Hato’s xxooxxooxxoo? :p Did you use both thumbs?

      1. LittleVx3

        i can use both thumbs and also one xD hato is quite easy for me~ hitting the left thumb right after you hit with your right thumb… pjd1 was a bit nasty compared to pjd2 XD

      2. Helu

        Thanks, I finally managed to perfect Hato, you saying the song is pretty easy had a positive effect on me :p I still used one hand though, tried both hands but I couldn’t get it right… :p

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