Fuwa Fuwa Time, Yui Normal Perfect

K-ON! Houkago Live

I decided to check out my copy of K-ON! Houkago Live!!, which is another rhythm game made by Sega. I had played this game a bit before I resumed playing Project Diva 2nd a month ago.

So I just perfected one of the songs, Fuwa Fuwa Time, using one of the characters, Hirasawa Yui, on Normal. It took me 2 tries, not too difficult. This game has a help item feature too, but unlike Project Diva 2nd, I think we have to manually activate it while playing the song, and the effect only lasts for a limited time. I’m still unsure about these help items so I didn’t use them.

This game doesn’t seem to have screen capture feature, so all I can do is take a photo of my results screen… (which is actually not bad, I probably should’ve done the same for Project Diva…)

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