Saihate, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Finally perfected Saihate on Extreme.

It is a unique song with lots of double-tap notes. Fortunately I have listened this song to death, so it doesn’t take long for me to figure out some patterns of the ‘cute beats’ sections; e.g. the in-between sets are always the same with just different buttons to press, the last set is the same as the in-between set plus an add-on, and the set of 4 double-tap notes is a circular rotation.

The hardest part, I think, is to get my thumbs to react properly when I see the double-tap notes. Once I’m used to it, it is not too difficult. I still used 5 help item chances on my last try, though –  there were a few screw-ups I managed to save myself from… :p

p.s. Before playing this song, I was actually playing Migikata no Chou, as LittleV suggested. The song really got easier after I played Promise, but the instrumental part was still tricky… and the thing about me who don’t have much rhythm gaming experience is that I don’t have the stamina to quick triple-tap and quadruple-tap button constantly, so I gave up on the song after dozens of tries for now… and went to Saihate. I shall attempt it again next time!

Project Diva 2nd


4 thoughts on “Saihate, Extreme Perfect

  1. LittleVx3

    There is a special arrow trick XDD Example: Green Arrow (up). Hit it one time with both hands. Then hold always your left hand on the up d-pad~ you don’t need to move your left hand for the next up arrow, so you only need to hit with your right hand the triangle button. Only if there is a different arrow, you have to move your left hand.

    1. Helu

      Ah, that’s interesting XD , like buffering in fighting game Tekken if you know what I mean… ok, next time I play this song again I’ll be sure to test out this trick :D (though I get a feeling I’ll get confused… :P)


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