Hato, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Hato on Extreme.

LittleV said it was easy, so I thought I might have some chance :p In the end, it took me quite a few tries. Still, I was better prepared for this song than the last time. I learned that to handle fast-moving notes, sometimes I do need to rely on the visuals. In this case, I just made sure that the notes don’t ‘slip past the marks’.  Keeping this in mind, I can go through the fast streams of notes no problem without getting any Safes (almost all the time, almost…)

The last problem for me to tackle on this song was the special fast streams xxooxxooxxoo, which appeared twice inside Chance Time. It turned out I just had to practise and relax while doing it. On my last try, I used 3 help item chances, all spent inside Chance Time, so I’m not exactly sure which part I went wrong :p In any case… that’s another Extreme song down.

I also obtained a title for playing as Meiko 50 times.

Guess I’ll take a break for now… XD

Project Diva 2nd


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