Dear My Keys, Mio Normal Perfect

K-ON! Houkago Live!!

Perfected Dear My Keys as Mio on Normal.

This one took me quite a few tries, about 5 I think. Since I can unlock a collectible character’s voice at the beginning of the song each time, I feel wasteful to retry in the middle of the song when I mess up, so I ended up properly completing each try. Thanks to this though, I think I kind of learned something: how far to the right the rightmost note is generally determines how soon the next marker will come. It’s kind of obvious and I probably knew about it… but by keeping this in mind on my last try, I was able to avoid the ‘continuity traps’ that often caught me.

I also got a rare Mio’s voice in which she specifically calls out Tsumugi’s name. The other characters may have something similar, so now I know a place to look out for if say in the future I’m left with only a few remaining voices… :p

I also unlocked Mio’s part-time outfit. I didn’t look at it but I had seen Azusa’s version… should not be too far off :p


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