Kocchi Muite Baby, Extreme Perfect

Project Diva 2nd

Perfected Kocchi Muite Baby on Extreme.

This song is just… fast. There are a few tricks here and there, but I was better prepared. For example, there are pairs of fast notes; one is normal and the other is a double-tap note. For this kind, I just have to double-tap twice, it is simpler than doing what is technically the correct thing to do. Then there are long streams of notes that is also a mix of normal and double-tap notes; these appear twice in the song. They are a little too fast if I were to double-tap all the way like the previous one. Fortunately LittleV taught me a trick, that is we could actually buffer the double-tap note by keeping one button pressed. This trick made these streams become as easy as normal fast streams of notes. Thanks, LittleV!

The only other type of note in this song that constantly broke my combo is the extremely short hold notes. On my last try I spent 8 help item chances, mostly for these and then some for pressing late :p

When I went to Diva Room, I encountered an event. Meiko was taking photos of Miku in her room. Eventually Miku got too tired and fell asleep, and Meiko was still taking photos of her. It’s kinda creepy… O.o

Project Diva 2nd

Project Diva 2nd

Project Diva 2nd

Project Diva 2nd

In case there are possible conditions for this event to unlock, Miku’s mood was Good while Meiko’s mood was Happy…


4 thoughts on “Kocchi Muite Baby, Extreme Perfect

  1. LittleV

    Somehow … i don’t know, it was easier than Saihate when i perfected it once XD Saihate was the most difficult song at the beginn for me ^^

    Congrat. to your perfect ^-^ So which songs are all missing now? Gekishou i know xD and Migikata?

    1. Helu

      I guess for me the hardest part is making sense of the fast instrumental parts… if the beats are slow, or if the notes follow the Vocaloid’s voice… I have less trouble… ^^;;
      Saihate is very difficult for me too… it’s just that I’ve been listening to this song almost everyday… :p (not sure if it really helps, though…)
      Thanks! Yep, I’m missing just 4: Migikata, Just Be Friends, Poppippo and Gekishou :p

  2. Miku Hanato

    Gekisou is very HARD :(

    It’s killing my thumb when it comes the ‘many notes’ part! Does the event happen everytime you perfected a song? And, how do you take the screenshots? Everytime I press the upper right button it says ‘shooting ended’. I dont know why. It worked on Project Diva 1 :P

    1. Helu

      I think they are random… When you press R button, it should ask whether you want to save (yes or no), if it doesn’t, then I’m not sure… ^^;


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