Meiko Session 1

Project Diva 2nd

Okay, I tried perfecting my last 4 Extreme songs, but I failed. Each one of them was too hard >.<

I think if I were to be able to perfect these songs, I need to train to play using both hands. So I decided to go back to Normal and Hard, and play through the entire library of songs again, this time using both my thumbs to alternate. In a ‘session’, I would play 10 songs. This way, I could also unlock more titles for playing as certain characters a number of times.

So I did my first session. Safe to say I couldn’t perfect any of the songs, but I think I’m slowly getting used to alternate my thumbs. If I were to keep the alternation strict, the problem is that if the next notes take too long to arrive, I may forget which thumb I last used. So for this case I wouldn’t worry about which thumb I used, as long as I alternate for the continuous streams.

Lastly, I didn’t unlock Meiko’s 100 times play title yet, but I would switch to a different character once I unlocked it. I did unlock a title for accumulating 500000 Diva Points, though… :p


2 thoughts on “Meiko Session 1

  1. LittleV

    Well… unlock titles for using charakter goes faster, if you always clear Gekishou on extreme XDDD (what was my current clear amount? 371 i think XD)

    Btw. i’m close to get the 50,000,000 Diva Point title XD oh and also close to have 400h played XD
    I’m mad, aren’t I? ._.


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