Dangan Ronpa Demo

Dangan Ronpa

Played Dangan Ronpa Demo today. It’s available from Japanese Playstation Store.

It’s a game where you solve murder cases, similar to Phoenix Wright. Unlike Phoenix Wright though, the game makers have made the trial section more dynamic by infusing gameplay elements from shooter and rhythm genres.

Story-wise, the characters are all (elite) students. They are trapped in this strange school and the only way for them to escape, according to the rules set by a strange-looking bear, is to murder others without getting found out. For each murder, a trial will be held where every students join the discussion to determine the murderer. The one pinpointed as the murderer would get sentenced to death.

I like what I played in the demo so far, and the game has very nice character illustrations. I may be getting this game when it comes out (the release date is actually today in Japan… ^^;)

Apparently keeping the demo’s save file may unlock something in the full game, just like Valkyria Chronicles 3, so I’m holding on to it.


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