Archer Playthrough, Week 7 Day 1


Recent announcements of ImageEpoch’s new upcoming games, namely Black Rock Shooter The Game, made me return to one of their JRPGs, Fate/Extra ;)

I rediscovered that I’m on my second playthrough, with Archer as my Servant. On my first playthrough, my servant was Saber. Saber is a straightforward powerhouse, while Archer is a more interesting Servant to play, as his Skills can be strengthened by charging up beforehand. The game has a timeline of 7 weeks, and I’m now on Week 7 Day 1, so I’m actually close to beating it! ^^

I remember setting up a goal for this playthrough to level up once per day (game time), so I did, to level 37. On the last area of the dungeon, I also battled with the lingering spirit of a boss I fought before. I almost died in the fight (the enemy was a Berserker), but luckily I made it, somehow… ^^;

One of the long-term goals in this game is to get the full info of every enemies. As you fight the same enemy repeatedly, more of his moves will be revealed. In this dungeon, I haven’t unlocked full info of two enemies: Doomsday and Sodom’s Gate. I know I’ll be coming to the same dungeon the next (game) day, with more areas opened, so I left without grinding a bit more… :p


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