Archer Playthrough, Week 7 Day 2


Today, there were quite a few bonding events with my Servant, Archer. We also fought a mini-boss. I sure hope that there is no way to actually get the full info of this enemy because he appears only once in an entire playthrough. Since it usually takes around 30 times of beating to get the full info out of an enemy, that means I have to do 30 playthroughs for this guy! That’s crazy! 0.o

Anyway, I got the full info of Doomsday and Sodom’s Gate, which I couldn’t get yesterday. I also leveled up to level 38. I don’t like the idea of reaching too high a level in this game since it doesn’t carry over to next playthrough. But for now I’ll just continue the regime of leveling up once per day, since I will be facing a secret new-game-plus boss at the end of the game. I have never faced her before, so I’m not quite sure how strong she is. I should prepare for the worst… :p


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