Archer Playthrough, Against Secret Boss


I met and fought the secret boss, whose codename is Monster. She looks rather plain from my picture, but her eyes change when she is using her Skills, and I find it really cool. But wow, she is very difficult to beat! I died so many times… >.<

She has a Skill that, if we happen to take a certain move, will seal that move forever. I usually got killed as soon as that happened. And she has respective versions of this Skill for each moves. Fortunately, in the case of Archer, he has a Skill that can nullify all attacks, including these sealing Skills. It’s as if Archer is meant to be the Servant who can beat her, at least for the first encounter.

On my last try, I went all out. As soon as I reached the max charge level with Archer, which was by some luck, I showered the secret boss with Skill attacks whenever I can. If I know she’ll be using the sealing Skills, I’ll use Archer’s nullify Skill. As the battle neared the end, I unleashed Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works, which multiplied all his Skills’ damage by 1.5, and defeated her with multiple Caladbolg IIs. It was quite an epic finish… :p

It was a costly battle, though… I spent 3 Elixirs to recharge Archer’s MP for him to pull off all those moves. Luckily I still have 1 Elixir left, which should be enough for the final boss. Usable items do not carry over to next playthroughs, anyway…

I also obtained a special equipment for beating the secret boss. It seems to grant the Master a similar ability to Archer’s nullify skill. This should prove useful if I were to fight her again on the next playthroughs while using a different Servant…

I leveled up to level 41 as well, without grinding. It was from the EXP gained from the previous fight with Saber, and this secret boss :p


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