Archer Playthrough, Final Day


I could’ve faced the final boss sooner, but I stayed around in the last dungeon to get the full info of some enemies, and in the process reached level 43… ^^; I unlocked the full info of the enemy Babel’s Piece, and almost for Nephilim. I shall get Nephilim’s full info on my next playthrough… No rush! XD

The whole meeting with the final boss was pretty long. The final boss is a new class of Servant called Saver, and he looks like… Buddha 0.o. In any case, the final boss is nothing compared to the secret boss, even if it involves some kind of time limit. No sweat at all :p

So, I completed yet another playthrough of Fate/Extra. I shall take some break before starting the next playthrough, this time using Caster as my servant! XD



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