Archer Playthrough, Week 7 Day 7


Fought against the other Master today. His Servant was a Saber (a male one… :p)

It took me several tries as the enemy’s Servant was high-damaging. On my last try, I had to use an… Elixir? to restore my Servant’s HP and MP to full. I had only 4 of them now, which should still suffice for the upcoming final boss and secret boss.

It surprised me that the battle system, which somehow comprised of 6 consecutive rock-paper-scissors, worked really well to simulate a battle between two Masters and their Servants. It got interesting with Skills and Master’s support actions, two types of moves that can overwrite the normal rock-paper-scissors moves.

In any case, I’ll be facing the secret boss and the final boss, and this playthrough should come to an end. The only Servant I haven’t used out of the 3 Servants is Caster, and I shall be using her on my next third playthrough… (saving the best for last? ^^;)


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