Curry no Chi Rice, Mio Normal Perfect

K-ON! Houkage Live!!

Perfected Curry no Chi Rice (thanks to OshareKeiji for fixing my translation ^^;)  as Mio on Normal.

This song is fast, but luckily the beats are easy to recognize. Still, it took me quite a few tries, since her buttons are mostly D-pads and I’m not used to play rhythm with my left thumb yet… >.<

I believe I’m left with my last 2-star difficulty song, which is also Mio’s part. At this rate, I may turn into a lefty for real… -_-“”

I also unlocked an… animal head 0.o… for Mio. I never watch the anime, so I’m not sure about the significance of this item… ^^;

Also unlocked a few more items and a ‘Collector’ title ^^


2 thoughts on “Curry no Chi Rice, Mio Normal Perfect

  1. OshareKeiji

    Just to clarify, it’s Curry No Chi Rice. (Curry Over Rice)

    And yeah, that song is crazy fast, especially with the guitar parts.

    Also, here’s a tidbit from the OC otaku who watched the anime: The mascot costumes were lent to them by Sawako, which the group used to try and recruit new members for the Light Music club. Since the costumes looked weird (and scary), the results were obviously not favorable for them.

    1. Helu

      Ah, thanks … a lot of weird song titles in this game! ^^;
      That sounds like a very funny scene to watch :)
      maybe I should try watching the anime in near future… :p


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