Go My Way, Yui Normal Perfect

K-ON! Houkage Live!!

Perfected Go My Way (Watashi ha Watashi no Michi wo Iku… ^^;) as Yui on Normal.

The Yui’s version is not difficult, but the song is kind of busy with all the camera moves, so it took me three tries.

I just realized something though… since this song is for Azusa, and the stage even has big ‘Azusa’ letters in the background… that I have always spelled the name Azusa wrongly as… Asuza 0_o

Guess I’ll be fixing this error in my previous entries… or leave it so everyone can laugh at my ignorance… ^^; In any case, I also unlocked a casual costume for Azusa. It was okay but not great, so I kept her Summer A costume. I wonder what her Summer B costume looks like… :D


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