Caster Playthrough, Prologue

I got my capture device today! ^^ After tinkering for a while, I captured my first session of Fate/Extra, Caster playthrough…


My third playthrough of this dungeon RPG... :p

In this game we can select between 3 Servants: Saber, Archer and Caster. I had used Saber and Archer in the past, so this time I chose Caster.


Apparently Caster is meant for advanced players... I don't think I'm one ^^;

Also, we can choose either a boy or a girl for our main character. I have been using the girl, so this time I selected the boy.


Kasukabe Helu - my character's name ^^

This game has a long prologue, even if part of it has been skipped for new game+ playthrough. Skipping the boring part, I met my Servant Caster. She is a cute and sexy foxy girl ^^





I'm not surprised if people compare her with Hakurei Reimu... ^^;

At the end of the battle, I leveled up to level 2.


And the prologue ended… Can’t wait to progress further through the game! ^^

I may have posted too many images this time… ^^; The colors are a bit washed though, see if I can fix it next time…

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