Beginning Danga Ronpa

A packet arrived in my mailbox today. It was… Dangan Ronpa!

I quickly sampled the game :p

Dangan Ronpa

The right-side's character portrait is random... of all characters, the extreme otaku guy is chosen for my first main menu visit... -_-

Last time, I played the demo and held onto the clear save. And for this effort, the full game rewarded me with… an extra coin. That’s it? 0.o I guess I gotta progress further in the game to find out its significance…

Dangan Ronpa

Also, the game lets me select between difficulties for investigation and action parts, respectively:

Dangan Ronpa

I don't know what the words mean... I assume left is Easy, and hope I'm right... ^^;

Anyway, the game starts with a normal schoolboy entering a school of elites…

Dangan Ronpa

Here are previews of the elites…

Dangan Ronpa

Extreme idol... I can't deny this is one of the reasons I bought the game... ^^;

Dangan Ronpa

Extreme baseball player :o

Dangan Ronpa

Extreme fashion girl ^^

Dangan Ronpa

Extreme gangster... 0.o

As he steps into the school, he feels warped to another place. And I reached a save point… :o

Dangan Ronpa

I'm not sure if the prologue had ended or was just beginning... ^^;

In any case, I’m excited to find out more, but can’t afford to play much this week, so that’s it for now… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Beginning Danga Ronpa

  1. Nikola

    I really wish you played some stuff I can relate to :D

    I’m still following, don’t worry, but It’s hard to comment on something you never heard off.

    1. Helu

      Yeah, I really understand what you mean ^^;
      Well, thanks for following still, and I’m glad you’re back! I was worried for a while there… ^^;
      Anyway, I’m sure our interests are gonna overlap some day :D


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