Dangan Ronpa, Still in Prologue

When I loaded my last save, I noticed that there are more options. Apparently the coins are used to spend on purchasing things in Extra, stuffs like character arts and sounds. I was given initial 100 coins, plus 1 extra coin from playing the demo (still, that’s it? :p )

Dangan Ronpa

Before purchasing anything, guess I need to find out how we can earn more coins in the game… :p

So, continuing my last session, my main character, a boy named Naegi Makoto, woke up in a classroom…

Dangan Ronpa

A letter told me to go to the hall, and I followed the instruction (not like I was given any choice, considering all the other doors are locked… ^^;) All the other students had also gathered there:

Dangan Ronpa

I introduced myself and broke the ice to all 14 of them. I was particularly interested with Asahina Aoi, who is an extreme swimmer. She is very cute in energetic way ^^

Dangan Ronpa

I hope she doesn't get killed in the game... T.T

Then, an image appeared from television, telling the students to assemble at gym room:

Dangan Ronpa

And I reached another save point… Time to take a break for now ^^;


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