Dangan Ronpa, Prologue Clear

Continuing from last session, the students went to the gym:

Dangan Ronpa

Kirigiri Kyouko is the most mysterious among the students...

Dangan Ronpa

A strange white-and-black bear doll named Monokuma introduced itself as their principal:

Dangan Ronpa

He further explained to the students that they had been locked out from outside world. They were given two choices: stay inside the school for eternity, or kill someone in order to be allowed to exit the school.

Monokuma showed it meant business when one of the students assaulted him. He exploded, almost killing the student, and then appeared in another place:

Dangan Ronpa

The students, accepting the fact that they had to go by the rules, looked at one another with suspicion:

Dangan Ronpa

Who is gonna kill who? XD

The prologue finally ended. And apparently I got an item ‘School Badge’, too.

Anyway, that’s it for now… I’m really taking my sweet time with this game :p

Can’t wait to find out what happens next! XD


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