Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1, Part 2

This morning, I decided to meet up with Maizono Sayaka.

Apparently she had a request: she wished to find a weapon for self-defense in case someone tried to murder us. So we decided to look for one in the room before the gym.

I found many coins this time. I’ll just list them for future references:

  • manhole in trash room
  • shutter switch in trash room
  • aquarium in male toilet
  • center washing machine in laundry room
  • second rightmost washing machine in laundry room
  • hanging swimsuit in laundry room
  • cold storage in kitchen
  • fruits in kitchen
  • desk shelf in store
  • letter case in front gate
  • monitor in gym entrance room
  • folded samurai wear in gym entrance room
  • pair of statues in gym entrance room

Apparently in the store, there is a Gashapon machine where we can spend coins to get items, which can then be given to others during Free Time to improve relationships.

But I decided not to spend any coin for now…

After we found a weapon, we shifted to having a personal chat. Sayaka talked about her pursuing her dreams, which led her to having a brief mental breakdown:

Dangan Ronpa

Dangan Ronpa

Dangan Ronpa

Because she was locked here, she became unable to continue pursuing her dreams, and she was afraid her companions might leave her behind...

Although she managed to pull herself together and revert to her cheerful personality, this might be a prelude to some plot twist… She said she had done a lot and would do anything to reach her dreams… This is bad, really bad… -_-“”

In any case, that’s it for now ^^;

2 thoughts on “Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1, Part 2

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  2. Babbles45

    Oh god thanks for posting all this stuff on Dangan Ronpa! But in the end did Aoi survive? (That was really bothering me.) Also one last thing, who were the victims? And The killers? Is Makato the only one to survive? (Sorry if i requested too much)


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