Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1

Finally I’m on chapter 1! ^^;

The students reviewed the school rules previously handed to them. Shortly after, a fight broke out. I intervened and sure enough, I got knocked out in the process.

I woke up later in a room, which turned out to be my personal room. I found a coin in the dustbin:

Dangan Ronpa

When I exit the room, I bumped into the idol student, Maizono Sayaka:

Dangan Ronpa

Even the main character felt this was a cliche manga scene...

She told me that the students had decided to hold a meeting at cafeteria. We went there, and were the only ones present at the moment. We had a personal chat, and Sayaka figured that I was her ex-schoolmate:

Dangan Ronpa

She also decided to be my sidekick… Another weird thing, she consistently read my mind correctly, and would jokingly claim because she was an esper… 0.o

Anyway, I found another coin from the surveillance camera:

Dangan Ronpa

The students finally arrived, but one of them, Kirigiri Kyouko, was missing for a while.

Dangan Ronpa

Dangan Ronpa

As her first sidekick task, she summarized for me what others had been doing while I was KO'ed... ^^;

The meeting proceeded. The gothic girl, Celes, convinced others to add an extra rule beside the school rules. The extra rule forbid the students from walking around at nighttime, in order to discourage murders:

Dangan Ronpa

She is freaky when she is serious... 0_o

I decided to be a good boy, and slept through the night…


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