Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1, Part 3

I could now access the rooms that were previously inaccessible due to story.

I found a few more coins. Here’s the list:

  • surveillance camera on class B
  • clock on class A
  • ‘DVD deck’ on AV room

I suppose that’s all the coins for this chapter… 18 of them.

I decided to try the Gashapon machine after all. Apparently there are 100 items to collect, and 1 coin is enough to get an item. I could increase my odd of getting a different item by putting in more coins, but I don’t really need to do that right now…

Dangan Ronpa

I wrote a spreadsheet to keep track of the items I’ve gotten. Here’s the link: Dangan Ronpa

I visited Maizono Sayaka again. I had a chance to give her a present, so I gave her a pair of dolls. She said she would treasure it, but I wondered if she really liked it…

Dangan Ronpa

She talked about her past again. Apparently, during middle school, she had been trying to find an opportunity to talk to me, but failed. She had an interest in me because she witnessed me doing a kind deed once.

In any case, my information about her in my database was expanded, and I obtained a skill called ‘Beautiful Voice’, which might be useful later on…

Dangan Ronpa

And that’s it for the day… I can feel something’s about to happen soon… ^^;


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