Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1, Part 4

Apparently I entered a period of free time where I could spend time with one of the 14 students.

I’m interested with Asahina Aoi, so I chose to talk to her.

She was eating donuts in her character art, so I gave her those. Her response was very good:

Dangan Ronpa

Dangan Ronpa

Just like my previous conversation with Maizono Sayaka, there in an MCQ somewhere in the middle of conversation. The correct answer is this:

Dangan Ronpa

I had no idea... I was just lucky ^^;

I unlocked Running skill from Aoi. Now I can move around the school at faster speed ^^

There is another period of free time. So I talked to Asahina Aoi again :p

This time I gave her mineral water, since she is a sportsgirl.

The reaction this time wasn’t that great though…

Dangan Ronpa

MCQ’s correct answer:

Dangan Ronpa

Swimming, her main sports club beside 5 others... 0.o

Instead of obtaining a new Skill, I obtained Skill points. What are they for? No idea yet… ^^;

Maybe you can only obtain one Skill per character?

And more importantly, still no murder? 0.o

In any case, for future free periods, I’m not sure if I should continue talking to Asahina Aoi, and hopefully get some reward… or talk to other characters to obtain as many different Skills as possible… ^^;


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