Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 1 Cleared

I finally beat Chapter 1 today. Actually, I couldn’t stop myself from playing until I beat it.

The plot took a very surprising turn. The game makers had me fooled with the demo and the manga adaptation. The real story was much more sinister and depressing. I wish there is an alternate, happier route for the next playthrough, but I doubt it…

And I’m kind of confused… if I were to describe my gaming session, I would seriously spoil anyone wishing to play the game. But one of my reasons for writing this diary is to keep records that I can refer back to…

Seriously though, I wonder if the game could really keep up with the later parts, having such a grand plot twist so early in the beginning?

Anyway, I’m so tired and depressed right now. Gotta sleep… -_-“


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