Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 2 Cleared

Cleared chapter 2 in one sitting.

Nothing much too say… other than the events are way over-the-top.  The game makers are serious about showing “despair” in this game… -_-“”

Dangan Ronpa

Poor Asahina Aoi was crying at the start of chapter 3... I hope she doesn't die... T_T


2 thoughts on “Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 2 Cleared

  1. Babbles45

    Oh god thanks for posting all this stuff on Dangan Ronpa! But in the end did Aoi survive? (That was really bothering me.) Also one last thing, who were the victims? And The killers? Is Makato the only one to survive? (Sorry if i requested too much)

    1. Helu

      Sorry for late reply ^^;

      Yes, she survived in the end.

      I think it’s better not to spoil the victims and the killers :p

      But Makoto fortunately wasn’t the only one to survive :D


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