Dangan Ronpa, Cleared

So I cleared the last chapter, chapter 6, plus the epilogue in one sitting :p

It’s a great game ^^

However, I didn’t unlock the last movie in movie gallery… I think I may have to perfect all the classroom trials in order to unlock it. This should pose no problem for me since I recorded all my first playthrough gameplay ^^;

I also missed a picture in event gallery, which I believe is one of the mysterious photos. I know because I saw a glimpse of it in the credits. Judging from the contents, this photo must be difficult to find… ^^;

I also couldn’t figure out how to switch difficulty from my cleared save… don’t tell me I have to start anew for different difficulty… -_-”

I guess that’s enough Dangan Ronpa for the day…


2 thoughts on “Dangan Ronpa, Cleared

  1. wanderer

    gratz! it’s a great game but the deduction parts were too easy most of the time, especially if you have played phoenix wright.

    that plot twist at the end was pretty cruel i have to say, considering the identities of those who got killed.

    and chapter 5 certainly messed with me badly too, especially since it concerns my
    favourite character, and the fact that that character triggered like
    a gazillion death flags >.> should be obvious who that is ^^

    the hidden movie can be unlocked if you use your clear data to get the 脱出スイッチ from the
    gachapon minigame (EXTRA -> SCHOOL STORE). likewise, you need to get 男のロマン for the event cg, then replay chapter 3

    1. Helu

      Thanks! And wow, you’ve given me everything I need to know! Thanks again! XD
      Yep, most of the deductions are straightforward ^^
      Chapter 1 is certainly the cruelest part for me T-T
      And also chapter 5, like you said. The alternate end is freaky, too… 0.o


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